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Portsmouth Beach Hotel Activities

Our Community; Social & Economic Impacts

At Portsmouth Beach Hotel we understand that we are a member of the community. As a corporate citizen we seek to impact positively on our community and environment. To this end we invest in our people employing 100% local community Members.

Sourcing our furnishings, products and services as far as possible from farmers, fishermen, guides, stores and artisans.
At times we train and mentor youth members to develop their skills to create livelihoods. We have adopted CALLS (Centre where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve) as our main charity to support and have assisted them over the past 14 years in various projects. Our company’s owner and Chairperson is a founding member and Chairperson of CALLS and a frequent motivational speaker, our Manager has served as tutor on courses in various aspects of Hospitality, Quality Customer Service and Small Business Management and our Executive Housekeeper is currently sitting on the Board of Directors of Calls.  

Our Housekeeping department organizes the donation of ‘previously used’ linen for their sale in the fundraising activities and some of these linens have also been donated towards the craft department at CALLS.

Over the past 10 years we have fed the shut-ins in the Portsmouth area through partnership with Care of the Elderly on every Tuesday. Donations of useable linen are made on a regular basis to Care of the Elderly and the home for the Aged of Portsmouth. 

We endorse our manager sitting on the City Council.

We are a supporter, and donated to the rebuilding of the Roman Catholic Church destroyed by the Earthquake of 2004 and offer complimentary rates to organizations promoting the welfare of the area.

Sponsor to the Salybia Mission Project semestrial 5K Race with proceeds going towards the provision of medical services and supplies to the Kalinago people.

We have for years provided support, funds and general sponsorship to various sporting and cultural activities within our immediate and neighboring communities from Marigot to Coulibistrie.

We are one of the Sponsors of the Ross University Marathon.


At Portsmouth Beach Hotel we pay special attention to the environment. We try as much as possible to employ environmentally friendly practices, from the use of solar water heaters, to environmentally friendly waste disposal, sorting, reusing, recycling and composting and ensuring that our property serves as a Sanctuary for all wildlife which may inhabit the property.

Portsmouth Beach is a turtle nesting site. We also protect the turtles which come to nest on the beach, keep the beach clean after the public holidays and facilitate the beach and underwater clean ups through donations and equipment support.
As far as possible we utilize sustainably grown materials in our décor and furnishings.

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