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Coined the Nature Island of the Caribbean, bask in complete nature with our Aquatic and Terrestrial Adventures.



Kalinago Territory, Bird Watching , Hiking, Horseback riding, Indian River row boat safari, Cabrits National & Marine Park & Historic Fort Shirley , Boiling Lake, 1/2 Day Tours, Full Day Tours, Transfers


Whale Watching, Sunset cocktail cruise, Boat Charters, Day Sail to Neighboring French Islands, Snorkel on our reef at outer edge of our dock.                                                                      

Aquatic Adventures

Boat Charters & Snorkeling at some of the world’s top ten rated dive sites Whale Watching excursions; Dominica has been dubbed the Whale Watching capital of the Eastern Caribbean for our high Cetaceans specie count and the presence of the resident Sperm Whale population. Sailing & Snorkel cruises on Dominica’s only 75’ Sailing Catamaran Regular Sunset Party Cruises and the above activities can be reserved as part of your stay or while with us. Often accompanied by the “Whale Whisperer". Swim with the Whales with the Whale Whisperer - enquire re available dates.

Historical Indian River Tour

This historical tour takes you into the Indian River Jungle, where you will see some of the most interesting tree formations, a wide variery of birds, lots of plant life and river creatures.We higly recommend this tour for Nature lovers! The packages offered include full-day, half-day, and customized packages can be arranged including the popular “Indian River Guided Row Boat Tour”.


Being a country blessed with lush greenry, mountains, tons of waterfalls. flora and fauna, Dominica boasts some of the most interesting hiking spots around the world. There is the Waitukubuli National Trail and the Boiling Lake Hike with its Valley of Desolation and tons more.

Cabrits National Park & Marine Park & Historical Fort Shirley

Located on a scenic peninsula just north of Portsmouth, this national park is best known as the site of Fort Shirley, a large 18th-century British garrison which once housed 600 soldiers. Some of the fort's stone ruins have been partially reconstructed; others are half-hidden in the jungle and are fun to explore. There are fine views of Prince Rupert Bay from the ruins of the Officer's Quarters. The park encompasses the peninsula, the surrounding coast and coral reefs, and the island's largest swamp.

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